Wiggy Wanda

Wiggy Wanda

Keri Fields is only seven years old when she learns the reason for her mother’s sickness. She has seen firsthand how badly her mother feels when she is sick. Keri listens carefully as her mother tells her about a boo-boo called cancer that is causing her to be sick enough to throw up and tired enough to lie down often. To help explain the things that will happen while her mother is being treated by the doctor, Keri’s parents present her with a very special gift. Keri quickly discovers this is no ordinary gift! Imagine you have been diagnosed with cancer! Now, imagine how you would go about explaining your diagnosis to a young child. Wiggy Wanda is a children’s book that will help open the door for women everywhere to begin to tell their personal stories to the young children in their lives – perhaps even their daughters. Books are available on Amazon for $12.63. The first 50 people to order my new book will receive A Birthday Clown For Archer Coloring Book absolutely free. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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Wiggy Wanda arrives with her signature bandana. The Wiggy Wanda wigs shown below are available for your Wiggy Wanda doll.

Meet Wiggy Wanda

Meet Wiggy Wanda

WW blonde curly wig

Blonde Curly Wig

WW California Blonde Wig

California Blonde Wig

WW Redhead Pageboy Wig

Redhead Pageboy Wig

WW Curly Brown Wig

Curly Brown Wig