About the Author

Kathy began writing in the fifth grade when her teacher, Mrs. Brannock, gave her class an assignment to keep a daily journal about something going on in their lives. As Mrs. Brannock handed her a thin red spiral notebook to use, she could not have known the profound impact it would have on Kathy in years to come. That simple wire-bound notebook became a bible of sorts to Kathy as she captured her every thought, idea, and dream inside its pages.

It was much later in high school when another teacher, Dr. Peggy Quarles further inspired her to write. She poured fuel on the fire when she instructed the freshmen class to maintain journals again. By then journaling had become a habit to her, but the renewed assignment caused an even greater appreciation in reading, writing, and storytelling in Kathy. It is because of Dr. Quarles’s encouragement and advice to write about anything and everything lurking behind the doors of her imagination, that Kathy continues to keep pen and paper handy every day.